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Trimming Tree Service

Get an immaculate garden with trees pruned to perfection

Looking for someone to trim and prune the trees and shrubs in your garden exactly the way you want? Call the experienced landscapers at Rudy's Gardening & Landscaping Services for your tree pruning needs. We have an experience of over two decades in pruning all kinds of trees, fruit bearing or otherwise, to enhance their proper growth.


Our tree services are sure to add charm to your home. Trimming of tree limbs that stick out in an odd way ensures that the eye-appealing look of your garden is maintained.

Remove dead and damaged bushes or trees in your yard with the help of our professionals. You don’t have to worry about causing damage to other parts of the yard. We’ll do it in a systematic and safe manner.


You can also get your yard cleaned up of any debris with the help of our cleanup services. Call Rudy today to discuss your tree removal and cleanup needs. Don’t forget to ask for a FREE estimate while you’re at it!

We are a family owned business operating in the area for 20 years.

Call Us to Take Advantage of Our Excellent Trimming and Pruning Services.


Get rid of fallen trees in your garden with ease